Holy Land Intensive Study – for Adults, Students, Families

Holy Land Pilgrimages and Human Rights Expositions

Welcome to our website. We couldn’t be more thrilled that you are considering a visit to The Holy Land.

Visit The Western Wall - Holiest Prayer Site to Jews in the World
Explore the Garden Tomb, Traditional Protestant site of Jesus' burial, with a communion service
See the Church of Holy Sepulchre - Tradition Catholic site Jesus' burial

There are so many wonderful places to visit in one’s lifetime. Touring the Land of Israel is unique. Touring Israel is a spiritually heightening and spiritually transforming experience. Connecting with one’s religious roots, walking Palm Sunday Road from the Mount of Olives down to the Garden of Gethsemane, tracing the steps of the Via Delarosa, walking the same Southern Steps Jesus himself certainly traversed, crossing the Sea of Galilea and visiting so many other most important Biblical sites has created deep and meaningful memories for many.

Student Course Credit

          HIS Tours has put together a course description and itinerary that have received approval for course credit... read more

We Love Families

          Families who travel together will bond together through shared experiences. We love to host families traveling together with other families. We also love father-daughter, father-son, mother-daughter, and mother-son trips with multiple family families. The customized family touring will include programs and separate activities for the adolescents while the parents rest or shop... read more

Church Groups Welcome

          We provide focused tours for all churches and denominations. HIS, LLC specializes in working with your Pastor to create a unique opportunity for you and church group. Think of being proud of the city in which you live. Think of entertaining a relative, a former high school or college friend, or a dignitary, perhaps someone invited to town as a guest speaker, someone who had never been to Kansas City ever before... read more